FILM4CHANGE offers courses in photography, film and other art forms to match the needs of non-profit organizations, educational institutions and businesses.

We collaborate with freelance local and international professionals and new talent.



In 2010 film4change was in charge of training young men from disadvantaged communities to form a guerilla video unit for Insieme Si Puo, an Italian NGO based in Uganda.

Kas location scouting
Kas location scouting for "Ignored Responsibility"

We worked with donated camera equipment and used non-linear and linear software to edit on donated computers. We practiced different professions within the film production process, analyzed various film and video genres available on international media and produced three short pieces that reflected the interests and concerns of the course participants.

Poor Time Keepers Loss shoot
Ken & Sseka directing "Poor Time Keeper's Loss" shoot

The ISP video unit is now working on their final assignment - an independent documentary film production about foreign immigrants in Uganda.

When these new filmmakers have accomplished their final project, they will be encouraged to form their own video units, in different parts of the city of Kampala.

View trainee's videos here >> video





Poor Time Keepers shoot
Sseka on camera 1"Poor Time Keeper's Loss" shoot






A guerilla shoot for Poor Timekeepers Loss
A guerilla shoot "Poor Time Keeper's Loss" Steven on sound






Tutoring by a leading Ugandan Producer
Ivan, Rashid, Meddi, Sseka & Steven being tutored by a leading Ugandan Producer