Katerina Marshfield



Katerina Marshfield, founder of film4change is a German of Czech origin. She is a trained linguist, a freelance journalist & a videographer with a passion for marginalised communities, underreported topics and gripping story-telling. She has been at the forefront of various pioneering community, creative and business projects in Europe and in East Africa for over 10 years. She speaks 6 languages fluently has worked as an interpreter, academic researcher, advertising expert, community developer, stage actress, arts promoter, civil servant, business developer, video journalist, social activist and finally as an independent documentary filmmaker and she never runs out of ideas for new ventures.



Jedidiah Stern



Jedidiah Stern, an American-Ugandan is cofounder of Film 4 Change and an ICT educationalist with a passion for the creative use of technology to make a difference. Over the last 10 years Jed has developed many ICT & media projects between Europe and East Africa. Jed’s other current roles include being an active member of the Mobile Health Uganda SIG and technical director of UConnect; an NGO providing ICT solutions for education.