ISP video guerilla unit debuts

After 2,5 months of training in videography, the video unit produced the three video exercises available for viewing below.

The production assignment was outlined as follow:

1. Choose a socially relevant topic, important for your community or current world affairs

2. Choose an existing format for telling your story: documentary, short, music video etc.. and write a script for a 1,5 minute story.

3. Choose a mood or sub-genre for your story: investigative, comedy, poetic etc...

4. Follow the classic 3-act narrative structure.

5. Make use of documentary as well as fictional/reconstructive filming techniques where appropriate.

6. Work with subjects as well as extras and untrained actors

7. Use parallel montage in your editing where necessary

8. Work together as a team by trying out different production roles and finding where individuals' talents lie.

Out of 30 proposed stories, the ISP video unit chose 3 scripts for production.

Ignored Responsibility, which became an appellative comical short.

Poor Time-keeper's Loss, which became an investigative appellative short.

The Joy of a Goal, which became a creative music video montage to tune of the World Cup Anthem.

The crew had one day to complete the filming and one week to complete the editing.
They used simple mini DV camcorders to record both sound and image.
None of the actors and subjects were trained beforehand. Editing was done on Premiere Pro.

View the videos below:

Ignored Responsibility (4.5mb)video

Poor Time-keeper's Loss (6.5mb)video

The Joy of a Goal (5.4mb)video